Far Distant Shores - Travel and Art Photography by George Cruickshank

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I've been taking photographs since I was in high school, and studied the subject at university as part of my undergraduate design degree, but it's only in recent years that I've started taking my work more seriously, in tandem with another of my major interests - international travel. To date I've spent time on 5 of the 7 continents.

My photographic work is founded on the desire to establish an emotional communion between the viewer and the "inner life" of my subject. Uncluttered architectural details, urban vignettes and landscape/skyscape images with strongly atmospheric contexts are favourite targets for my lens.

I hope you enjoy the work presented here as much as I've enjoyed producing it.

All photographs are available for licensing. Contact me at george@fardistantshores.com for details.

George Cruickshank
Sydney, June 2006

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